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Duepuntootto Ecru Elliott Dog Cushion Jute - Slipcover Only

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When creating dog cushions, there are some fundamental elements that must be taken into account: the dog’s own comfort, stress-free maintenance and the product’s inherent elegance, giving it will be placed within a space whose style cannot be sacrificed.

The dog cushion Elliott was designed to encompass all these qualities: the inner filling is made of an anti-parasitic material divided in separated padding chambers that support the dog’s weight and maintain the cushion’s structure throughout the course of time.

The slipcover is also available separately in jute, a 100% recyclable textile that preserves its freshness and breathability even in the warmest months.

This article is machine washable at low temperatures (30°C).
Do not spin cycle nor tumble dry.
We recommend washing the slipcover separately from the inner filling.
The leather handles become naturally darker and softer over the course of time.


Small 16" X 24" In
Medium 20" X 28" In
Large  28" X 35" In
Extra Large  35" X 47" In