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Duepuntootto Orange Italian Casentino Wool Ansel Blanket

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• Made of original Casentino wool by TACS

• Machine washable at 30°C

• Real leather handle

• Item measures

Medium 29"x31" Inches
Large 29"x43" Inches

The must-have accessory for every dog’s well-being, Ansel is a warm blanket in Casentino wool, a legendary fabric dating back to Tuscan Renaissance. Manufactured in the hills above Arezzo, this water-resistant textile reflects its homeland’s vibrant and warm colors. 

Featuring a practical leather handle that makes it easier to hang, the blanket is ideal to keep your dog warm without giving up on the beauty of the material it is made of.

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This article is completely machine washable at low temperatures (30°C), without spin cycle.

The leather handle becomes naturally darker and softer over the course of time.